Our company distributes only good brands which are thoroughly tested before we hand them over to our dealers. The name of the manufacturers of these products serve as a sufficient guarantee, but we also provide a 3 month guarantee for LCD monitors and PCs and also 3 month guarantee for all other products.
Computer hardware testing means the formatting of the hard disk and exploring any incidental damage of the equipment. It may happen that the devices are damaged during transport or use but such damage is dealt with during testing. Devices found to be faulty during the test are repaired or sold at a discounted price. Due to a lack of time, testing does not cover all the hardware elements and ports and, therefore, it is worth finding incidental additional defects (with e.g. USB, serial ports etc.) by installing an operating system. According to experience, 99% of the devices sold by us operate perfectly for many years.



Our supply mainly consists of desktop computers but we also sell popular PCs built into a vertical chassis. Configurations vary widely and we can offer any types, from Dual Core  computers to Core i  computers.
Monitor testing means careful examination, including finding signs of damage (scratches, breaking etc.), image quality (burning in, pixel defects, frequency limits, colours and image sharpness etc.) and the proper operation of functions (OSD menu, damage to the data cable etc.). The quality of the monitors that we distribute often equals that of the new ones as we are dealing with good brands, on the one hand, and the items have been treated gently, on the other hand.



notiYou can find in our supply all kinds of notebooks, from very low categories to Core i. These computers are also thoroughly tested with the difference that we also test the existing ports and hardware by installing an operating system on them. The guarantee for these products is 3 months but we cannot undertake any guarantee for their batteries as these are used products.
If the battery is not suitable and this is discovered later on we will have it repaired against payment – if repair is possible – or give assistance for the repair.
In addition, we distribute different hardware units, optical drives, peripheral devices and printers. These products are not always in stock, so we inform our dealers in separate price lists on all occasions.